Accelerated Self Healing

A 3-stage Remedy-based Program That Recognizes the Body’s Unique Priorities for Healing & Uses Those to Balance Sources of Stress in the Body to Thereby Accelerate Self-healing and is Inclusive of Epigenetic Analysis & Ways to Shift It & Prognosis Transformation.

Who Are We?

At age 25, I was shocked to learn that I would go blind by age 50 with conventional medicine. While seeking solutions, I also learned I would die of stroke in my 30’s, unless I corrected the underlying causes. In solving my own sight threatening and life threatening health challenges, I have developed Clinical Theory™️ and Clinical Praxis™️ that has restored health and function for thousands of people with safe and natural therapies…

Susan ‘Rae’ Luscombe is a transformational life coach, and head coach and trainer to our team. Together, we bring you our 22 years of collaboration to ensure that your Accelerated Self Healing™️ program restores your health and wellness with speed and efficiency.

We listen to the wisdom of your body so you will get the exact remedies, energies and information fields that heal your body fast.

About Our Program


Who It Is For?

Glen and Rae guide people who suffer with chronic illness and health conditions that are difficult to diagnose in order to help them achieve symptom relief and functional improvement through accelerated self healing without having to leave home.


Who It Is Not For?

Accelerated Self Healing is not for you if:

  • You don’t want to take charge of your health and wellness…
  • You trust your health outcomes will be acceptable with the standard of care in conventional medicine…
  • You prefer your health issues to be handled with drugs and surgery rather than natural self healing methods…
  • You don’t want to take botanical/nutritional remedies…
  • You don’t want to implement new healing technologies in your home…
  • You are not willing to experience shifts and improvements in your wellbeing…
Module One

What is Accelerated Self Healing?
Fasten Your Seat Belt…


  1. Learn to trust the wisdom of your body’s innate healing.
  2. Identify how your body responds when you start a healing program.
  3. Learn the 5 types (Levels) of healing response (Levels of Regulation).
  4. Understand your healing response so you can manage your symptoms without making your condition worse (Suppression).
  5. Easing symptoms relaxes tension, allowing your body to heal itself.
  6. Learn how to identify a healing crisis or cleansing reaction.
  7. Understand why some symptoms get worse before they get better.
  8. Learn when, how and why to adjust dosages (Titration).
  9. Learn why old symptoms can return briefly (Retracing).
  10. Understand how your body can recover lost functions.
  11. Move from feeling helpless and debilitated in the face of physical challenges to feeling grateful, equipped and in control. 


Your body is self healing. When you are injured it heals itself. When you are exposed to stress or other sources of toxicity, your body works to eliminate harmful wastes and toxins. The problem is that keeping up with life’s demands for healing takes a lot of extra nutrients and other materials, as well as a lot of energy, and access to the genetic blueprints for healthy function… As new issues come along, processes of cleansing and repair that are not completed simply get buried and stored in our bodies, leading to what we eventually identify as aging and degeneration. But what happens if your body’s current requirements for materials, energy and information are fully met? All of your body systems are able to get into gear and work in concert to complete their assigned tasks in short order. You begin healing faster than the new demands are coming in. Then your body is able to begin digging into those piles of backlogged, incomplete healing tasks. Month by month, you are now clearing up the damage and debris from last year, the year before that, and so on… This is the experience of Accelerated Self Healing

Module Two

The Clinical Theory of Everything: Your Roadmap to Recovery


  1. Identify your initial response to your remedy program.
  2. Understand what to do if you don’t feel any change… What Blocked Regulation means and how to overcome it.
  3. Understand what to do if you feel worse initially… Know when and how long to skip a remedy, and when to increase or decrease dosage or frequency.
  4. Understand how healing moves in the body… Identify whether the changes you experience are moving in the direction of healing. Learn why some symptoms increase while others decrease…
  5. Learn when you can begin to trust your body’s responses as a clear guide in your healing…
  6. Learn why initial symptom relief is sometimes fleeting…


The Clinical Theory of Everything is a practical roadmap of the terrains between health and disease… It will guide you on your path to restoration of radiant wellbeing and renewed function. Our Clinical Theory reveals the simplicity on the far side of the complexity of illness and recovery, so you can actually understand and fully support your body’s powerful healing capacity. Clinical Theory follows Albert Einstein’s famous admonition to make scientific models as simple as possible… and no simpler! You will become your doctors’ star patient by learning how to heal yourself and eliminate the underlying causes of disease, so they can monitor your improvement over time and minimize the use of drugs and invasive procedures.

Module Three

Perception Reframing: Leave Your Extra Baggage Behind


  1. Clear mental and emotional stress around life issues.
  2. Release repetitive thoughts and worries and sleep easier.
  3. Feel lighter, and more energetic.
  4. Release fears about repeating the family medical history.
  5. Feel free of reaction when visiting with family… Not triggered even when they say or do the same things that used to push your buttons.


About 15% of disease patterns run in families, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow in their footsteps… Even in the 4% of disease that is genetic, expression can be changed. You will have a plan and access to the tools to complete your once in a lifetime process of releasing the inherited patterns of your genes that are stuck in the disease mode. This system also gives you a powerful, fast and efficient way to clear your life stresses around relationships, money and health issues.

Module Four

WellNES System: Tune Up Your Engine


  1. Learn the difference between the genes of health and genes of disease & the 5 ways to control these.
  2. Learn about infoceuticals – i.e. how information can be a medicine & how you can apply them to your epigenetic health.
  3. Learn how to do your NES (Nutri-Energetic Systems) scan with no appointment needed.
  4. Learn to read your NES scan.
  5. Visualize & feel your remedy at work.
  6. Increase your dosage according to tolerance.
  7. Notice what changes when your tolerance increases.


Every cell in your body has the same exact set of genes. The difference between different types of cells and tissues is which genes are turned on and which are turned off. Healthy cells sense where they are in a healthy body, and that signals the DNA to turn on the healthy genes for that organ. In a sick, toxic environment, the genes of disease are activated. This process of cells sensing information about their environment to regulate the activity of their genes is called Epigenetics. Learn how to identify the activity in your body’s information field in real time, and reintroduce key epigenetic signals of health through Information Medicine.

Module Five

The 5 Phases of Health: Where Are You Now?


Change your relationship with your Diagnosis. Gain a Transformational New Understanding of Your Condition. Transform your negative belief into a guiding light. Create a new self-fulfilling prophecy.


Each disease, like each infectious organism, can only thrive in a limited range of conditions, just like plants can only thrive in a certain range of soil conditions. If you change the fundamental physics of the terrain, you can change what you are growing – in your garden or in your body… What does your diagnosis say about your Terrain, and what can you do to improve the conditions in your body to grow and regenerate healthy new cells, tissues and organs? Our model of the 5 Phases of Health is based on a medical science in European Biological Medicine that is known as the “Medicine of the Future” because it is so predictive. It is the science that showed me well in advance how to avoid certain death by stroke before I reached my 40th birthday…

Module Six

Self Healing Therapies: What Roads Will You Travel?


  1. Learn the 5 categories of treatment.
  2. Understand how each category works.
  3. Learn the effects of each category on symptoms versus on health. (Terrain)
  4. Understand why most doctors only use 2 or 3 types of treatment.
  5. Identify your personal preference and affinity for the different classes of therapy.
  6. Learn about specific healing modalities within each class of therapy.
  7. Learn how a difference in dosage can change one type of treatment into another. (Arndt-Schultz Law of Dosage Effect)
  8. Learn about breakthrough environmental health technologies
  9. Learn about botanical-nutritional complexes that really work
  10. Learn why all your remedies should be excipient free
  11. Learn why synergistic complexes work so much better than isolated chemicals and herbs


The greatest mistake most people make in the health field, including most doctors, is to think that you can navigate the challenges of health based on what is effective in the short term at managing symptoms. One indicator of how serious this problem is, is that the average longevity of physicians has now dropped to 57 years. Another is that every time the medical field goes on strike, the death rate drops… You see, symptoms are not the problem. They are an expression of your body’s intelligent efforts as solving underlying problems. You can reduce symptoms either by stopping the body from its attempts at healing, or by supporting the completion of those tasks… As an illustration, did you know that taking an aspirin for a headache reduces the headache pain today, but it increases your tendency to have headaches in the future? That may be great for aspirin sales, but it actually puts the brakes on your healing process. Or did you know that anti-histamines may decrease your allergy symptoms, but they increase your tendency for cancer in your sinuses and brain? You need to learn to discern between the different types of treatments you can choose from, and how they will affect your healing journey…

Module Seven

Tracking Your Progress: Roadsigns to Recovery


  1. Understand the sequential healing process (Retracing) so you can track your progress along the way to recovery of radiant health.
  2. Create your personal roadmap (Timeline) of health challenges you have experienced through your life so that you can track your progress when old patterns resurface temporarily. 


Your past is a good predictor of your future. As you begin to unearth old issues and problems that were never fully healed in your past, you will be dissolving and eliminating toxins that have been stored all this time. As those toxins are released from storage in your cells and tissues, they will tend to trigger the same kind of symptoms that you felt when they were originally coming into the body and piling up… In many cases, there will be a short, often 3 day period where you experience this ‘retracing’ in an intensive way. We can call this a healing crisis or a cleansing reaction. When you are able to identify how old you were when you experienced these sensations before, it is one of the most profound and direct clues about your progress in Accelerated Self Healing. It is not unusual to experience a restoration of lost function after such an experience. In the medical literature, for example, there are over 3000 cases of Spontaneous Remission of cancer, typically over a several day period with a high fever and a bacterial infection. Learn how to identify the difference between a disease crisis, which is a medical emergency, and a healing crisis, and what to do in each situation. You will learn what causes the increased likelihood of healing reactions like spontaneous remission from chronic illnesses.

Module Eight

Transforming Your Prognosis: Where Will You Go From Here?


  1. Record your prognosis with conventional treatment.
  2. Contrast your Prognosis with and without Accelerated Self Healing


A conventional prognosis is simply a predictive guess based on the results of a population of people who followed conventional standards of care, without necessarily doing anything special to support or stimulate their innate capacity for self healing… As soon as you step outside that box, and accelerate your self healing, you leave that data set behind. You may be able to radically transform the processes in your body and therefore the outcome you achieve. Many people who receive a bad prognosis and put the power of their faith belief in it, prove it true as they make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. We know that the power of the mind and the spirit is equally as strong as any physical medicine or intervention. When you imagine and expect good results, the effect is called the placebo effect. When a bad outcome is anticipated, the effects are bad and it is called the nocebo effect. Make sure you maximize your Accelerated Self Healing progress and get the best possible outcome by combining the power of nature, with well matched materials, energies and information, along with the power of your own mind and spirit to direct and guide your healing to achieve your desired goal.

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