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Hear from self-healers from all walks of life, how they turned their illness into wellness.

Harry Takiue, Jr.’s Case Study

University of Arizona.

Harry Takiue reported his experience with a one month program of Accelerated Self Healing remedies designed specifically for him to create coherence in his entire body energy field so he could clear up his health symptoms:

“I noticed an increase in strength, especially in my bench press where I thought to have reached my ‘non-gaining period’ for over a year. My bench press went up 20 pounds more. Also, my squats (leg work out) increased greatly. It went from about 270 pounds to 335 pounds. I have tried supplements, but never before have I experienced physical gains like this and it all happened in a period of a month, which was when I was under treatment.”

Joyce Suenobu’s Case Study

Retired Teacher, Pahala, Hawai’i.

Joyce Suenobu had experienced a bad inflammatory reaction in both eyes, called Sympathetic Ophthalmia, in response to a surgical procedure in one eye for Glaucoma. She worked intensively with Accelerated Self Healing to prevent the need for further eye surgeries for both Glaucoma and Cataracts, since any further surgical trauma to either eye was likely to trigger the same potentially blinding response… Here’s a sample of the surprising results she experienced:

In her first month, Joyce reported: “My whole body is straighter.”

The next month: “My son and a friend both said I was looking better. Another friend said my complexion had improved. My ophthalmologist in Honolulu was jubilant. He told me my eyes looked great. I was not surprised because I could tell when I would read, that the yellow in my eyes was much diminished.”

In her third month: “My hearing has improved some, my foot continues to get better, the yellow in my eyes seems almost gone, and my reading vision has improved…. My whole body seems to be responding…”

Next she reported: “Now walking almost normally again.” And: “I no longer have the feeling of being handicapped. This means I have more zest for life. My husband has noticed I have more stamina.”

And then: “First dental appointment in years not requiring antibiotics due to report from Dr. Matsuura, heart specialist, that I no longer showed any signs of a prolapsed mitral valve. Credit was given – or at least explanation stated – that I was seeing a holistic doctor.”

Also, after a gauss meter confirmed an electromagnetic field where Joyce was sleeping, the source was moved and she reported: “Have been sleeping much more soundly since water pipes were rerouted… I am dreaming more, as Dr. Swartwout said I might.”

Rick Kobayashi’s Case Study

Athlete, Hilo, Hawai’i.

Rick experienced Dr. Glen’s work as a patient when he was a teenager. Based on his own healing, he was inspired to contribute to Dr. Glen’s work as a volunteer, and he went on to study natural medicine and other systems to support natural healing… He summarized his experience of seeing people going through the Accelerated Self Healing process:

”I have found that with God’s help and working with Dr. Swartwout, nothing is impossible”

Myra H. Strom’s Case Study

Age 88

“For about 6 years, I had been suffering with recurring bladder infections, which since moving to Hawaii were occurring about every six months. Using antibiotics from the pharmacy, it would eventually clear it up… The herbs and vitamins prescribed brought this under control and I have had no more recurrence in well over a year. In fact my whole body system is in good shape…” Myra later went through a healing crisis where she regained about an inch and a half that she had lost during the period of antibiotic treatments.

Dr. Jacob Liberman’s Case Study

Author of Light: Medicine of the Future.

Dr. Liberman is a leading authority on the cutting edge of light therapy and photobiomodulation… He was President of the College of Syntonic Optometry when Dr. Glen also served as an officer of the College.

“Dr. Swartwout’s thoroughness as a researcher is unquestionable.”

Dixie Kapchinski’s Case Study


Dixie was surprised to find that her chronic health symptoms cleared up at the exact time her first remote Biofield Analysis test was being performed, even though she wasn’t aware of what time that was happening thousands of miles away… The testing process is actually a balancing of the body’s entire energy field much like a good acupuncture treatment, so we have observed this remarkable effect a number of times… Here’s what she reported when she learned at what time the remote testing had been done:

“There is no question in my mind that the profound cessation of ‘negative’ symptoms I had been experiencing was due to your healing….It was quite amazing to see how after a few years of searching for some answers, I obtained such immediate results from you.”

Dawn Lianna’s Case Study

M.A., Author of Messages from the Angels

“I can honestly say that Dr. Glen and his team have helped pull me out of two health crises in the last 15 years. In my humble opinion, he is one of two people I know who really get how the body works and how to help it naturally. Brilliant and humble…”

“I just can’t thank you enough for saving me (again). It’s truly a miracle that I found you or that God delivered me to your door. To have my health returning is priceless. I have purpose helping people again. I am so grateful to you and to God and to life. To go from feeling rotten desperate and purging to better everyday is a huge improvement. Your clarity is so bright.”

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